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Monthly Art Exhibits at Stover Mill: GALLERY PROFILE & PROCEDURES

Stover Mill Gallery
  • The Stover Mill Gallery is located on the first floor of the historic Stover Mill, built along the Delaware River in 1832 and listed on the national Register of Historic Places.
  • The gallery has been exhibiting art of area artists since 1959.
  • There are seven monthly shows from April to October annually.
  • The gallery is open on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 1 to 5pm. Each exhibit includes four weekends – a total of eight days.
  • Special mid-week viewings are available by appointment.
  • The gallery (1st floor of the mill) is ADA compliant (handicap accessible).
  • The gallery prefers to hold works of art sold during the show until the last day of the show. However, on the advice and discretion of the artist, pieces may be taken at the time of sale. Remaining works may then be rearranged in the gallery or the artist may replace sold pieces with new pieces.
  • Each weekend day of the exhibit, the gallery is staffed by a gallery host. Gallery hosts are volunteers from the not-for-profit Tinicum Civic Association, trained in making and recording sales.
  • All funds raised by the Tinicum Civic Association are used to maintain and operate the Stover Mill and to support other non-profit and cultural organizations serving Tinicum Township.
  • Stover Mill Gallery commission for each item sold is 30%. While there is no entry fee for exhibitors, the gallery requires a “guaranteed commission of $100, which is returned after the first $333 of sales (i.e., 30% commission on $333 fo sales = $100.)
  • Although the gallery supplies the initial calendar information to local media, the exhibiting artist plays an active and important role in promoting the exhibit. For example, by sending a press release with bio and exhibit information to print media, promoting online and through social media (e.g., Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram), mailing invitations to friends, relatives, collectors, etc., and holding a reception. Artists may also wish to be present during gallery hours for their exhibitions.

Questions?  Email Gallery Co-Chairs Lary Brandt and Dianna Sinovic at
Stover Mill Gallery
852 River Road (Rte  32)
PO Box 106
Erwinna, PA 18920